Special thanks to the crew that went out on the Adventure Based Basic Workshop this afternoon. We went down the George Bass Coastal Track and it was the first time we have held a workshop along this track. We followed a goat trail .. and I mean steep, slippery, hugging to the side of the cliff kind of goat trail to a little secluded beach and cave. I hope there are not too many sore bodies tomorrow morning! Needless to say, we now know that we will not be leading workshops down the goat track again, but the George Bass Coastal track is lovely – just stay on the track.

Sharon staring down a big wave from a precarious position! Did she stay dry?
This is rugged country!
Shirley kicking back and admiring the views.
The Cave!


example of using Shutter Priority mode at high shutter speed to stop the action.
Composition and aperture exercise.
We now know that this police helicopter buzzing around us was looking for lost crew of a boat that washed ashore in Wonthaggi.


Adventure Based Basic Workshop 18 Oct 2015
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