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I’m a convert to Fuji. Call me a Fuji fanatic even. I have sold almost all of my Canon gear to fund my investment in my Fuji’s. But, I have not been able to buy all the nice lenses I wanted for the Fuji and I still have 4 Canon lenses banging around the cupboard – a 17-40L F/4, 85 F/1.8, 50 F/1.8 and an old 75-300 F/4. I decided to buy a very cheap Canon to Fuji converter from EBay. The converter only cost $15 – here’s the link to the item. I was surprised when it arrived. It’s a nice heavy sturdy metal adapter that looks well made.

The lenses fit on my Fuji XT-1 and Fuji XT-10 with no problem. They were nice and snug on the adapter but they were big and bulky and made the camera feel off balance.

IMG_2930    IMG_2929

After attaching the converter and the Canon glass, nothing worked. I found out I needed to set the camera to ‘Shoot Without A Lens’ in the Fuji menus and to set the lens focal length in the ‘Mount Adapter Setting’ item. Once those two things were sorted I was off and running. Unfortunately there is no electronic communication between the Canon lens and camera. That means that focus is manual and, more importantly, the lens aperture is stuck at it’s widest setting.

Manual focus is not too much of an issue. I use the Split Image Focus Assist. This gives me a zoomed black and white view of the focal area in the viewfinder making adjusting focus much easier and accurate than on a traditional camera. Aperture is another issue entirely. Shooting in the middle of a bright day at F/1.8 would be a problem. I think I could compensate using the electronic shutter to give me a ridiculously fast shutter speed to offset the wide open aperture but I have not tested this theory yet.

This evening I hit the beach around sundown with the 17-40 and the 75-300. I wanted to test the wide angle lens and the ability to catch surfers in action at 300mm.

The conditions were not perfect, a thick sea mist rolled in and made for an unusually soft background in the shots. I edited them all in Lightroom using the Dehaze slider to assist in removing some of the sea mist. Here’s a few shots with the wide glass.

.DSCF7927 DSCF7920 DSCF7918

I then put on the 75-300mm ‘dust pump’. I will admit, it was pretty challenging quickly adjusting focus on the surfers. I was shooting two separate groups that were some distance apart so I was continually using the split image zoom to get focus before taking the shot.

If you click and zoom on this image, you can see a leg of a surfer who wiped out 🙂

DSCF7997  DSCF7998 DSCF7963 DSCF7972

As you can see, the surfers are not the sharpest. I don’t know how much old glass, sea mist and or my poor focusing skills played in the softness of these images.

All in all, I would prefer to have a lens made for the Fuji X series camera rather than using an adapter. Not being able to change the aperture is a real limitation. But, with a limited budget, I can make these work until I can afford to purchase a wider variety of Fuji lenses.

Canon Lenses on Fuji X Series Cameras
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2 thoughts on “Canon Lenses on Fuji X Series Cameras

  • November 6, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    Dale good to see you sliding over to mirrorless … I still have my D7200 APC but due to weight factor now have an Olympus OMD LM1 … main reason was the suite of affordable pro f2.8 zuiko lens that were part of the offering others seemed to lack. I bought a 7-14 f2.8, 12-40 f2.8 and a 25 f1.8 (x 2 for full frame) a 40 – 150 soon when my wife understands … highly weather proof lens and camera, so much so my 17 yo took it to indo recently 🙁
    I have found it to be great, it weighs in at 1/2 my DSLR equivalent and have yet to fault it for my needs … programming options are insane, the auto/manual focus is fantastic.

    Coffee was great, thanks for the heads up …. looking forward to a workshop with you guys soon.
    Love your website and emails ….
    Might see you at Woollies 🙂

    • November 6, 2015 at 4:39 pm

      Hey Dale,
      Yes, love the mirrorless. Have sold all the Canon gear except the 6d and a handful of lenses. Just bought a third Fuji body so the wife only tolerates so much. Will have to wait to buy more lenses for a couple of months 😉

      Would love to see you on a workshop soon.


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