Do you have a dirty sensor? That’s OK, it happens to us all at some point. Seems like mine is dirtier than most and I get dust spots on my images regularly.

A dirty sensor creates little dust spots or smudges to appear in your images. You will notice them more if you’re stopped down (f/22 or greater) and have a solid colour background or foreground in your image such as a grey or blue sky.

To check if your sensor is dirty, try taking a photo of a white wall at f/22 or greater. View the image on the computer. Do you see any smudges or dust spots?

If so, let’s clean that sensor.

  1. If your have a DSLR (as oppsed to a mirrorless camera), ensure fully charged battery and engage the mirror
  2. Remove the lens
  3. Inspect the sensor
  4. Turn camera upside down and blow out the cavity with a rocket blower – never use compressed air
  5. Use a lint and chemical free cloth/wipe (Pecpads) to gently wipe the sensor, vertically and horizontally. Do not add any wet or moist additives or chemicals to the cloth.
  6. Return the lens.
  7. Turn camera on.
  8. Shoot image at f22 or greater and view on computer looking for dust spots.
  9. If dust spots are still visible. Note the location on the image and repeat steps taking particular care to wipe the portion of the sensor that is creating the spots.
  10. Shoot another image at f/22.
  11. If spots continue to appear, repeat steps above.


Perform this procedure in as dust-free, windless room as possible. And remember to NEVER, EVER touch your sensor with your fingers. The oil from your fingers will do more damage and is much harder to remove (i.e. you’ll likely be sending it to the manufacturer to get that off).



Clean Your Camera Sensor Easy, Quick and Cheaply
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