What is the DINOSAUR DISCOVER Photography Workshop:

An eco-photography workshop for beginners to advanced photographers that will focus on:

* macro photography
* composition – texture & patterns, leading lines, rule of thirds, negative space
* low light photography
* metering and shooting modes depending upon skill level.

* the prehistory of the Dinosaur rocks area
* dinosaurs that have been found there
* and the best areas to find dinosaur fossils.
* Find a real carnivorous dino footprint!

We’ll cover the digs of Monash University’s Dinosaur Dreaming expeditions and explore the unique rock formations, platforms, rock pools and caves at the site. The Photo Rangers team (who are both closet paleontologists) will offer guidance and instruction as each participant explores, discovers and shots the unique topography of the area.

We have developed a fun, innovative and interactive workshop. Join us on a dinosaur adventure as we learn and discover the dinosaurs of Gippsland and further our photography skills.

If your interested in joining us this SUNDAY, please click join next to the event on the left side of the Facebook page or send us a message.

2015-7 dino disco

Dino Disco Weekend
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