The Caves area just outside of Inverloch on Cape Patterson-Inverloch Rd is a very interesting place for photographers … and dinosaur enthusiasts! The area is home of the Dinosaur Dreaming Dinosaur Dig site of Monash University and has produced more dinosaur fossils than any other single site in Australia. And dinosaur bones are still found there today. This bone was found on the day we were out on one of our Dinosaur Discovery Photography workshops.


The Caves can be accessed via the car park that is marked The Caves on Cape Patterson-Inverloch Rd. To get the best experience, we recommend going at low tide as the reef with all it’s wonders will be fully exposed and entry to the caves are possible.

Just off the stairway down to the caves there are a number of great weathered formations out on the reef. There are nice patterns, textures and interesting shapes. You can find petrified wood embedded in the reef and exposed in a number of areas.


If you go to the left, there’s a bona fide therapod footprint in the reef. The print has been verified by an international dino footprint expert as a genuine therapod print similar to Australovenator wintonensis. Here’s a photo and Google map with approximate coordinates to find the print. It is not marked and can be a real challenge to spot. There is only one print, the remainder of this dinosaurs footprints are buried under the reef.


Just in front of the footprint, if you look carefully, you’ll see a fossilised tree in the cliff face.

If you follow the cliff around to the right you will find three caves. The first has a passage about 20 meters inside that is enclosed in total darkness. Taking a low light shot in the cave can be very tricky but well worth the attempt.


The other two caves do not have the deep access of the first.

Dinosaur Discovery (The Caves, Inverloch) Trek
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