Double Event Day – 4 June 2017
On SUNDAY 4 June we’re holding 2 events. At 12 noon Tim Lucas from Tim Lucas Photography and Digital Nature Printing will be doing a FREE seminar to talk about all things printing. If you have been wanting to print your shots but not really sure or anxious about doing so, this is you chance to meet and speak with a real life A1 quality printer.

After Tim’s seminar we will be holding a Basic Lightroom workshop. This is the workshop for you if you want to step up your images and make them really shine … and get them so good, people other than your grandmother wants a print!

Check out our event page and be sure to click the going button if you plan to attend the FREE Printing seminar or the Basic Lightroom Workshop. If you have any questions, shoot me a message.


Double Event Day – 4 June 2017
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