Editing With A Phone
The image your camera takes never looks like what you see. The camera is just not as sophisticated as our eyes. Nor does an image straight out of the camera always convey the story, mood, drama and etc that you want to convey as an artist.

For those who are sceptical about editing and especially editing on a smartphone, I give you these two examples. The first is a photo straight out of my iphone. It’s a DNG (RAW file) so it’s a high quality file but it looks pretty dismal in my opinion. I would never post this.

The second is the same image edited on my phone in Lightroom Mobile to darken the blacks, sharpen, saturate and lighten the path to draw the eye through the shot. I then used ReTouch App to remove the powerlines on the left and cars on the right. As a final edit, I ran the image through Snapseed.

The whole process took me less than 3-5 minutes. I did it as I was walking to work. Although not the greatest subject or composition, this very dismal image has emerged as a decent image through using the editing tools on my phone.

Editing does not have to be garish or over the top. It is used to create an image that you as an artist are happy with and that conveys the story you want to tell.


Editing With A Phone
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