Gotta To Be In It To Win It
I like getting in close to the wave action. I only do this after I have studied the conditions, watched several sets roll through and I also know the area. On Sunday several other photographers and I went down to Cadillac Canyon. At Cadillac Canyon I know how the waves typically roll in, where they break, where the spray hits and where are the dangerous areas.

In typical fashion, I got too close and suffered a water drops on my equipment – well maybe more than just a drop or too.

These were all shot on a Fuji XT2, 10-24mm at around 1/8th second.


Gotta To Be In It To Win It
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2 thoughts on “Gotta To Be In It To Win It

  • June 5, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    I so want to get down there one day and have a crack at shooting those waves 👍🏻 but I also want to get to the pinnacles as well 👌🏻 road trip coming up me thinks 😁

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