Landscapes at 35mm f/1.4
What happens when a landscape photographer finds his partner’s Fujifilm 35mm f/1.4 portrait lens lying around?

On Saturday morning as I was packing the camera bag for a full day of shooting horses and then conducting an adventure based camera workshop on Phillip Island, I noticed my partner’s 35mm sitting out on the desk.

I’m not a portrait photographer and usually shoot landscapes and or wildlife with either a 10-24mm wide or 50-140mm zoom. 35mm is just not my preferred focal length. But, I kept staring at this lens. It looked so cool with the metal rectangular hood and at f/1.4, it’s just down right sexy!

On impulse, I quickly slipped it on my Fujifilm XT2 and stuffed it into the camera bag. I included the 10-24mm and 50-140mm as insurance knowing I’d swap off the 35mm and go with one of my favourite focal lengths.

I decided that if I really wanted to test the lens and myself, I would shoot at f/1.4 for most of the morning with the horses. At that wide aperture, I could not get the shutter fast enough to compensate for the additional light. I have never used Fuji’s electronic shutter before but it looked like the time was right to really shoot fast.

Using the electronic shutter felt a little weird because the camera didn’t give the familiar click/clunk of the mechanical shutter, it silently frozen each image. I shot most of the morning at 1/32,000th of a second. That’s pretty darn fast!

In the afternoon I again started to throw gear into the camera bag. I left the 35mm attached and threw in another camera body with the wide angle just in case.

All afternoon I shot seascapes, landscapes and our workshop participants enjoying the afternoon and golden hour. With the 35mm I could not take the typical shots I would normally take so I hunted a little more to find a good shot. I also took more photos of the participants during the workshop.

Challenging myself to shoot with this lens resulted in a very fun day of finding images I would never have found otherwise.

Grab a lens you rarely use and force yourself to shoot with it all day, go on, you’ll surprise yourself.


Landscapes at 35mm f/1.4
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