Luci Inflatable Solar Powered Lights
A couple of weeks ago we had an astro/light painting workshop in the Rhyll Mangroves. One of the participates had a few Luci Lights. These are very light weight, small, inflatable, waterproof and solar powered lights. They come in a few different styles. I really liked the ‘Candle’ Luci that cast a very soft candle light glow that even flickered like real candle light. We used these Luci Lights in our shots and because they are very diffuse and dim, they looked incredible in our long exposures.

Afterwards, I reached out to Luci and they have offered Photo Rangers wholesale prices on the lights but they come in batches of 10. I’m not all that keen to be a retail distributer nor do I really want 10 lights but thought I’d see if any were interested in joining in on a purchase? I want to make a purchase of the Luci Candle and the Luci Color. In the Color one you can have light in eight different colours or have the lamp cycle through each color automatically.

I don’t have an exact price because I’m unsure how much shipping will be but you can estimate about $15 for the Candle and $25 for the Color versions. Let me know if you’re interested and when I get 10 or more committing to the same model, I’ll place the order.

These will be for pick-up or delivery by arrangement with me local to the island and South Gippsland this time around.

Here’s the official manufacturer website

MPOWERD | Luci Inflatable Solar Lights


MPOWERD | Luci Inflatable Solar Lights
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  • April 25, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    Hi Dale. I would purchase two of these lights. I would probably prefer the outdoors one but don’t really mind if others prefer a different one. I could either pick them up from you (it would give me an excuse for an island trip) or pay for postage.

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