Photographers, We Are Artists
It’s not uncommon to hear someone say proudly that they don’t edit their photos. That they want them just as they came out of the camera. Most of us photographers are not photo journalists so are therefore are inclined to edit a photo until it matches some inner view, preconceived conception, emotion or whatever takes our fancy. We also know what actually comes out of the camera, especially the soft dull looking RAW files.

I always edit my photos. I also apply creative edits to them, sometimes fairly severe edits. Most of these never see the light of day and I do it for my own self interest, satisfaction and personal zen. Tonight I decided to show you a couple of my recent severe edits. These are photos that I thought had another story in them than what I had originally shot or intended.

The first I called Fireflies On The Ol’ Tree. The original shot was pretty good with a nice strong sunset behind the tree but I really wanted something much more dramatic and … well … red. The white dot remind me of the fireflies from my youth as well as a subtle appreciation of Aboriginal Dot Painting.

The second was from a recent workshop (most of it in the rain) where we painted with light while waiting for a break in clouds. As I continued to experiment with this shot the Great Spirit appeared in the sky of the image. This is the final edit I titled Great Spirit Over Eagles Nest.

I’m always a little nervous sharing these types of images because I believe they reveal more about me than my usual photos that I post and make public.


Photographers, We Are Artists
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One thought on “Photographers, We Are Artists

  • May 11, 2017 at 11:07 am

    It’s like painting a picture, has your own style stamped on it…
    I’ve been told l eddited too much so alas, lm trying to tone down. 🤔😊

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