Photo Rangers Ultimate LANDSCAPE Presets


Presets speed up your workflow by allowing you to quickly apply a set of effects to an image. Presets are not meant to be the end point in your editing, just a quick start to it. These presets were developed after shooting thousands of landscape images on and around Philip Island, Australia. They are named after some of our favourite places on the island. Some of our Presets work better for light images and others for darker images. After choosing a preset you’ll want to tweek the sliders on the right in the Development module a little. If it’s too dark, increase the exposure, increase the shadow slider and white values. If it’s too bright, decrease the exposure, blacks and shadows a little. You may want to apply a graduated filter on the sky to bring it’s exposure down just a little more and increase the clarity to make the clouds pop out and so on. Go on, have a play aronud with all those sliders. If it gets too out of control, just select a Photo Ranger preset again and start over, very simple.

How to install the Photo Rangers LANDSCAPE Presets

1. Download the Photo Rangers LANDSCAPE Presets zip file and save to your computer
2. Unzip the presets to a location you can find
3. Open Lightroom
4. Go to the Develop module
5. Right click anywhere in the ‘Presets’ box and select ‘New Folder’
6. Name the folder ‘Photo Rangers’
7. Right Click on the Photo Rangers name and choose ‘Import’
8. Navigate to the unzipped presets and select them all
9. Voila, they should all be in your Photo Rangers folder under Presets in Lightroom

If you want more assistance with Lightroom, you can access our Lightroom Video Tutorial service where we create a detailed video of us editing one of your photos in Lightroom explaining the process of the edit along the way. To request a Lightroom Video Tutorial, navigate to Lightroom Video Tutorial and complete the checkout process. We’ll then contact you to choose an image and create your custom video.

We’d love to see what you create using our Presets, feel free to share on our facebook Page – www.facebook.com/photorangers and tag us on Instagram @photo_rangers and #photorangers.

We are constantly reading feedback from our customers to measure our performance and to look at ways we can continue to meet or exceed our customers expectations. If you enjoy our Presets, one of our workshops or our lightroom video tutorial service, please leave us a review on Google.

Now, get out there, enjoy mother nature and take some awe inspiring shots!

Cecilia and Dale Rogers
Photo Rangers

The images below demonstrate our Ultimate LANDSCAPE Presets applied to original RAW files in Lightroom without further tweaking or editing.

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Photo Rangers Ultimate LANDSCAPE Presets

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