Street Photography at Dandenong Markets
One thing I don’t do is Street Photography. Don’t get me wrong, I love good street shots. As a matter of fact some of my favourite photographers are street photographers. I love the way their shots pull you into the image and witness a brief moment in time. They find the extraordinary in the ordinary and I really admire that.

I’ve just returned from three weeks in the USA. I had a great time there but I really missed the fresh and diverse foods in Australia. This afternoon we went up to Dandenong Market and I had sensory overload. The food and mix of cultures there is amazing. Street foods from all over the world. I had trouble deciding between Mauritian Octopus Curry and a Vegi and Goat Sri Lankan dish. I eventually went Sri Lankan because I watched the fellow cook it up and saw how much chilli he added so I couldn’t resist.

While there I tried my hand at street photography. Wow, it’s hard and I really struggled to see the shot then be fast enough to capture it. Living on the island means I have little to no chance to practice street photography. All the locals would just think I was a pervert or weird. Here’s what I managed to walk away with from the market. I suppose I have a lot to learn about street photography and if you have any pointers for me … go right ahead.


Street Photography at Dandenong Markets
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