This Week’s Challenge
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On The Road Again

I like to think we photographers see light and shapes and colour differently than most others. Often as I drive down the highway with my family in the car I’ll notice the light bouncing obliquely off something like the wheat in a field or see fog slowly engulf an old country road. At those moments I typically yell “Oh My God! Look at that light. STOP THE CAR STOP THE CAR!!” and the kids both start groaning and pleading “NO NO No Not again!!!”

This week, it’s all about what you have seen on the road. It could be something you’ve pulled over to photograph or it could be a shot of the road itself.

I do think it’s time I got On The Road Again!

You can take and tag/submit as many photos as you like, remember, this is your challenge. Be sure to tag this week’s photos on facebook and Instagram #photorangerschallenge19


This Week’s Challenge
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