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My wife Cecilia and I run Phillip Island Photo Rangers,  a successful photography business on Phillip Island. We specialise in adventure based workshops teaching basic and intermediate DSLR skills. Our workshops are highly regarded in the community and we usually book each one out prior to the scheduled day. Our participants are typically from the local South Gippsland area or from the Southeastern Melbourne suburbs.

Cecilia and I have over twenty years photography experiences and close to twenty years education experience. We are both professional photographers and educators. Cecilia is a native Japanese speaker and we have designed our workshops to cater to participants with limited English through the use of our innovative Quick Reference Cards and based on experience teaching multilingual participants in the past.

We live on the island and have extensive knowledge of the island flora, fauna and seasonal migrations and as photographers we know where and when to catch the best photos on the island.

We are expanding our services to encompass organised tour groups. We are offering two packages for organised tours, the first is the BASIC DSLR workshop and the other is a an Adventure Based Photography Tour.

  • Basic DSLR participants receive 2 hours instruction and informative hike. Each participant receives Photo Rangers unique indestructible Quick Reference Photography Cards & carabineer clip + Photo Rangers unique indestructible Quick Reference Island Animal IndentiFact cards. $70 pp (minimum numbers apply)
  • Photography Tour participants take a 2 hour (or custom time) adventure based informative walk and each participant receives Photo Rangers unique indestructible Quick Reference island animal IndentiFact cards. Depending on the season and time of day, participants will see wallabies, pacific gulls, straw necked ibis, seals, endangered hooded plovers, australian ravens, wedged tailed eagles, peregrine or brown falcons, echidnas, copperhead snakes, short tailed shearwaters, southern right whales, orcas, cormorants, pelicans, various terns, superb fairy wrens, and many more in their natural habitat.  $60 pp (minimum numbers apply)

We offer limited camera hire for $15 pp that covers the SD memory card that the participant keeps with their digital files.

If the two services mentioned do not suit your tour needs, we’d be interested in developing a package that suits.

What others have said about us:

“I learned so much, really enjoyed myself and I highly recommend Dale and Cecilia to anyone looking for some instruction, guidance and a good laugh!” Claire S

“Thanks for your help on the weekend. Learnt alot from the both of you.” Michelle F

“Cecilia & Dale thanks for a great workshop Sunday night, I’ll definitely be back for more!” Jenny J

“Had a great evening at tonights workshop at Cape Woolamai, thanks Dale and Cecilia for the many and varied things to keep in mind while out ranging” Juli A

You want a cool day out with some really groovy people, get your grove on with Cecilia and Dale, you’ll come away with some magic photos And split your sides laughing the whole time” Darren C.

I had an great day on 15th March with the Dinosaur Discovery Workshop group.” Shirley D.

I’d invite you to check out the rest of our website  and also the Facebook page www.facebook.com/photorangers to see what we do and our active engagement with the island and photography community.

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If you would be interested in booking a workshop or photography tour with us or you want to discuss your tours individual needs, please contact via the Contact form below or telephone Dale on 0466-539-927.

Photo Rangers is a professional services with an ABN and proper billing and invoicing procedures. We are also covered by public liability insurance.


Dale and Cecilia Rogers


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