Spew Hill is an amazing sand dune that local’s love for it’s very fast ride on a boogie board from the top straight into the water below.

Spew Hill offers photographer’s two unique shooting opportunity. The first is catching sand surfers as the slide, barrel or roll down the dune and into the ocean. It’s a very fast, sandy trip to the bottom and most end either gracefully skimming across the water or in a massive blur of sand that fills their every orifice.

The other opportunity for photographers is from the top of the dune, expansive views to the mainland and San Remo, the island bridge and the wind turbines of Wonthaggi to the South East.

You can access Spew Hill from two routes. The first is from the Woolamai Beach car park. A track leads from the very back of the car park across the dune to the beach facing the mainland. Turn right here and you’ll see Spew Hill looming above.

The other route is from the car park at the end of Broadbeach Rd, Cape Woolamai. Park in the car park and head to the beach. At the beach turn right and follow the coastline around until you see the massive dune sliding into the water. The path may be tricky at high tide but should still be accessible if you don’t mind stepping over driftwood and scrambling up a small dune or two to stay out of the water.


A GoPro attached to a boogie board makes a very entertaining video here. A little cooking spray applied to the bottom of the boogie board makes an even more entertaining video!


TREK – Spew Hill
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