The Colonnades are basalt columns exposed in the cliff face at Cape Woolamai. Basalt columns are caused by some unique conditions associated with cooling of lava.


Access the Colonnades can be via the staircase located at the end of Lantana Rd. or by Dog Shit Track that begins at the very end of Ocean Reach.

Begin at Dog Shit Track, the trail may not be marked but it’s the only defined track into the bush.


If you see this sign, you’re on the right track.

The track takes you through a very nice walk through Coastal Tea Trees and sand dune. Take the staircase down to the beach and turn right. The Colonnades basalt columns will be along the cliff side as you walk down the beach.


Continue the walk and you can take the next staircase up to the top of the cliff and be at the end of Lantana Dr.


You can also continue down the beach until you eventually run out of beach among some massive rocks. At low tide, this is one of the best swimming holes on the island and a well guarded local hang out!

TREK – The Colonnades via Dog Shit Track
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