You know what’s wrong with the people today? II think people believe everyone else should see the world from the same perspective they do. That there is a right and a wrong perspective.

Include me in that group too. As I’ve become more serious about photography, my views narrowed and I find my photos are all very much the same. I think it’s time to shake things up a bit and force some new perspectives.

I went back to some of my old photos from way back … back when .. well, let’s not go there! Below are a few example of when I was more experimental with my photography and explored perspectives better.

This week, I want you to rethink how you’re shooting your photos and take some with a different perspective. Literally a new perspective. Get on your knees, on the ground, on a ladder, hold the camera over your head, whatever it takes to grab a new outlook on a subject.  Think I’ll push myself this week too!

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