This week in our Facebook Community Group the weekly challenge is SIGNS.

From the street signs we see on our commute to work each day to the vintage signs for sale at local markets, signs are functional, but can also be decorative. Signs can direct us where to go, but they’re also pieces of art, which reveal much about the time period and culture in which they were made.

For those of you who have a less literal approach to our photo challenges, a sign can also be a gesture or a cue. Something welcome. Or mysterious. Or even foreboding.

Here’s one of the signs painted by my friend Colin. Colin is also known as Tex on the Bass Coast and has built a complete Old West Cowtown on his property in Kilcunda. You may have seen him riding his horse Lippy down the Bass Coast Hwy with his cowboy hat and chaps on. Colin is a sign painter by trade and whipping up old west signage is a fun hobby for him as well as collecting old bits and pieces from all over. Here’s a pano of part of his old west town.

I feel very at home in Colin’s Old West Texas town!

For this challenge, share an image of a sign: it can be a sign near your home — a comforting sight after a long journey — a sign that doubles as art, or other types of signs that hold meaning for you.

EXTRA POINTS if you shoot a sign shot between NOW and next Monday!

Come on over to the Facebook Community Group and join along!

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Weekly Challenge – SIGNS
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