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For this challenge you need to go into a dark place and turn off all lights except for one small one … sounds kinda creepy huh? Serious, this week, find a dark space and try to catch an image from a single small light source. It could be a candle, fairy lights, a desk lamp, a strobe or even a flash light.
It can be inside or outside as long as there’s a clear single light source on the subject. Remember you will probably need to shoot at a higher than normal ISO, wide aperture and low shutter speed (with a tripod) to pull off your shot.
The first shot below I took at the Aztec Exhibit at the Melbourne Museum (did you know Celie is one half Aztec and one half Samurai … have some pity one me!) and it was illuminated by a small light just above the mask. The second shot I took a few weeks ago because I noticed Telstra was replacing all the old phone booths with the new pink WiFi hotspots and wanted an old school photo with one. The last shot I took in my study with just a desk lamp as a lighting experiment.
Now, go find a dark spot and a little bitty light ….
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