This week we are going to try and defy gravity. We’ll take a shot of something in the air. It can either be something flying, thrown or even floating but the challenge is to stop the motion so that it looks like it’s defying gravity.

If you’re going to shoot something that’s moving fast like a bird in flight or a person jumping up in the air, you’ll need to set your shutter speed fairly high, I’d recommend 1/500th of a second or faster. Shooting in Shutter Priority mode (TV in Canon and S in Nikon) will allow you to set your minimum shutter speed and your camera will make the rest of the decisions about exposure.

On this first image, I may have cheated. I just flipped the image upside down but it looks like she’s defying gravity, right?

The second image was taken a couple of weeks ago as I watched these guys do some amazing aerials on their jet skies. They were jumping around sunset so getting a fast exposure with diminishing light at 200mm focal length was a real challenge.

The last image is my youngest child letting it rip on the trampoline.
So, let’s see you catch a momentary lapse of gravity!

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