IMG_9522I see a beautiful sunset from my lounge room, I usually run down to the beach and take a few shots. I do this almost every night. Tonight, as I was eating dinner, I looked out and saw that the sunset was going to be pretty special. I ran down to the beach as usual and fired off a few shots. I got a few good shots, I’m sure you’ll see them around here at some point. But, the real story here is what I don’t see. Or what is in front of me on a daily basis and I ‘miss’.

After the sun set, my daughter wanted to drive around for a little bit. I turned onto the main road on the island and happened to look to my left and I saw ‘it’. This little stand of dead coastal paperbark trees all alone in the middle of the field. I quickly turned into the road next to the Vietnam Vet Museum, you know the one, and jumped out of the car to take this shot.

I shake my head now. How could I drive by this stand of paperbarks everyday and not notice their isolation, their contrast to the foreground and background and their strange symmetry before? How have I missed this photo opp in the past? Ever wonder how much you ‘miss’ or ‘don’t see’?


What I Don’t See
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